5 Reasons to hold TRON

1. The FUD of TRON is Intentional

What is FUD? Intentional fake news to spread fear amongst investors. You can read more about FUD here. The intent is to get people to panic sell while these fake news spreaders come in to swoop up TRON at lower prices and profit. Common tactics used even in stock markets.

2. TRON didn’t plagiarise code directly from other projects

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. If you understood coding, you would know some fundamental parts are identical. It’s like saying someone copied your Fish & Chips Recipe because he’s using batter and oil to cook the damn fish.


3. TRON currently has the highest traded volume on Binance

If TRON was such a terrible project, why are people still buying it even when everyone is selling? For someone to be able to sell their coins, someone else must want to buy it.

As of 15 Jan 2018, TRON is the highest traded on Binance surpassing Bitcoin and Ethereum according to Coinmarketcap. For a coin to be a flop project, it doesn’t make sense, does it?

4. Seriously, Justin Sun never sleeps

Thank God for filters, Justin. Look at those eye bags.

“Justin Sun cashed out his coins becoming a billionaire from scamming us and the price is dropping.” Really? Justin Sun has been posting non-stop about securing new partnerships and placing TRON(TRX) on new exchanges. Heck, he posts so much he could have a tweeting competition with Donald Trump. If he REALLY did cash out the money, he might as well be in the Bahamas sipping on a Pina Colada with ten hot babes around him right now.

But no, this dude is just a machine, moving at a rapid pace to secure more companies to get on board with the TRON project.


5. TRON is a solid project and has a really good team behind it

“Nah, the team isn’t good and the price is dropping because the project is just all fluff.” If people just look at the team behind the project, you know they have something real. Look at this article which has talked about top developers coming onboard.

Here are two examples of projects we all are too familiar with and their prices in the early stages:


Has a very good team and in March 2016, they hit their first All-Time High at $20 and in November 2016 it slumped to around $10. Look at their price chart and where they are now:

Ethereum Price Chart March to November 2016

As of January 2018, Ethereum is at USD$1300.

Ethereum’s Full Price Chart


A solid idea with a good development team working on its platform. They have plenty of ICOs coming on board on their platform, just take a look at their list of upcoming ICOs. In October 2016 they hit a high of $0.31 and in January 2017 it slumped to $0.11.

NEO’s Price Chart October 2016 to January 2017

As of Jan 2018, NEO is at USD $164.

NEO’s Full Price Chart 

TRON has a strong team and hell of a lot of top investors. Where do you think TRON’s price will be in a year’s time? I leave it to you decide.

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