6 Reasons Why TRONIX (TRX) Is The Digital Coin of 2018

Image via Tron Network

1. TRON Foundation holds 34.2518% TRONIX (TRX). What does this mean?

As Justin Sun mentioned in his Tweet, TRX will be used to encourage the community to contribute and develop TRON. Read this article on why it’s the future of digital entertainment.


2. Justin Sun introduced developers from top companies who have recently joined TRON

For more information, read this article.

With Alibaba staff joining TRON and rumours that Alibaba might be on board with TRON in the near future, will TRX be used for AliPay in the future?


3. Major partnerships lined up to collaborate with TRON


4. TRX is getting listed on multiple exchanges

The latest exchange TRX just listed on is Coinrail, a South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange and quite possibly Bittrex and Poloniex too.

5. Justin Sun never sleeps

If you follow him on Twitter @justinsuntron. He’s been working around the clock to build TRON into a reality.

6. Everyone’s talking about it

With TRONIX surpassing even Bitcoin on Twitter in the start of 2018, it looks like it can only climb from here on out. Bitcoin can take a backseat in 2018.

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