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TRON: Fear Of Uncertainty, Weak Hands Fold Too Soon?

With many Altcoins starting to increase in value, people start to panic sell their TRON to avoid missing on in the short term gains....
5 Reasons to hold TRON

5 Reasons to Hold your TRON. Here’s What No One is Saying

1. The FUD of TRON is Intentional What is FUD? Intentional fake news to spread fear amongst investors. You can read more about FUD here....
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6 Reasons Why TRONIX (TRX) Is The Digital Coin of 2018

1. TRON Foundation holds 34.2518% TRONIX (TRX). What does this mean? As Justin Sun mentioned in his Tweet, TRX will be used to encourage the...
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What is TRON? Why is TRON the future of digital entertainment?

Tronix(TRX) is the main currency used with TRON's features. So what is TRON exactly? As seen on Tron's Website: "TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol that aims...