The Brutal Truth About The Cryptocurrency Scene

brutal truth about the cryptocurrency scene

Culprits in the Cryptocurrency Scene

Having been in the cryptocurrency scene since 2017, following tons of news, posts and people on socials, we’ve all come to realize one brutal truth. The scene is definitely filled with cheats and conmen. Let’s go through the list of culprits!

“Ask me how” Dudes

ask me how cryptocurrency scene
How many times have you all seen/received a request like this: “Earn $$ every week, no credit card required. Ask me how.” Seriously, if there was such a good deal, why would people share it? They might as well keep it a secret and earn it all for themselves. There’s no such thing as a free lunch in cryptocurrency. It’s too good to be true.

FUD News

FUD from other news sites is starting to get redundant. “Coinrail gets hacked. BTC gets dumped.” No shit Sherlock! By the time these articles get pushed out, the damage has been done. The least these news sites could do is to tell everyone to chill out and prep for Bitcoin to potentially dip further since we’re in the “Death Cross” season right now anyway.

A good question people would usually ask is, should I sell now? Once again, please don’t. If you do sell your coins, make sure you tell yourself this: “I will only buy back in if it gets lower. If it goes higher I will never buy back in.” Refer to this article on the reason why guys.

Crypto Influencers

Not sure if everyone has noticed by now, Crypto influencers have been glad to promote ICOs and coins to invest. So, let us share what actually happens. Say the “Crypto influencer” is promoting a coin, Coin A. They will invest in Coin A first, before hyping it up for others to FOMO and buy. How do you think they earn money? They earn by us pumping it for them and then selling it.

Well thanks to these douchebags, it’s been giving the cryptocurrency scene a bad name. Thanks, a**holes.

To be honest, have you ever wondered why some coins we hold is worth so much, although there’s no tangible product yet? They probably are overvalued right now. The good news is, in the near future they probably would be a steal. Hang in there everyone.

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