Odds Are, You’re 50% Of The Time Right When Trading Cryptocurrencies


Okay, Let’s Face It

Most of us are new to cryptocurrencies or just starting our crypto journey. Possibly unsure of what to do and probably could use some trading advice in this volatile and confusing trading environment. So where do we start?

How do we actually understand where or how to start investing? You probably read, join groups or follow the hype train. But what if you could get valuable insights on a coin’s potential before it actually grows?

Sometimes we do catch a good coin early or midway as it’s climbing and reap the profits. But could we always be right?

It’s just like flipping a coin. Odds are, you’re usually 50% of the time right. The other half? Meh, not so right.

Seek Professional Crypto Advice

With a limited budget, how do you maximize your returns? After putting in all the hours in Doing Your Own Research (DYOR) comes the part of; when should we jump into a coin? Is it currently overvalued? Or is it the right time? The worst feeling is getting into a coin and witnessing a red sea almost immediately. How many times have you second guessed your own judgement?

Professional advice groups by analysts like Whaletank were formed precisely to help new crypto traders like yourself to make better trade calls.

Whaletank: What Do They Do?

Whaletank’s mission is to create wealth for clients in the crypto economy by providing sound and data-backed trading decisions. They do this through different account types! Backed by extensive research instead of speculation and hunches, their recommendations and tips will guide you through this volatile trading market. (Their channel has been growing rapidly since its launch).

Go free or go premium! With a free account, you get to receive sound, data-backed and free signals to grow your profits. Better yet, take these valuable signals anywhere you go on your mobile device!

Up a tier and go Premium with access to HODL Portfolio and stronger trading advice! Their premium channel is where you get exclusive insights while building a diversified portfolio with long-term coins. Too much to take in? Here’s an overview of their features: 

Account TypeAlways OnlineFree SignalsPremium SignalsMarket InsightsOne-One Advice HODL Portfolio


How Can Professional Groups Help You If You…

1. Are unsure of what to invest in or when to invest?

2. Don’t have the time to research on potential coins?

3. Want to lower your trade risk?

4. Are interested to gain insights and knowledge of cryptocurrency?

5. Would love to be part of a community with like-minded professionals discussing potential coins and ICOs.

Looking for professional advice? Do check out their website here.


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