Top 3 Cryptocurrency Exchange Site


1. Coinbase

With its ability to accept fiat currency and exchange it for Cryptocurrencies listed on its platform. Definitely best suited for beginners and amateur enthusiasts, it allows individuals to transact with ease. Many individuals consider this as a doorway to access into other Cryptocurrency Exchanges to trade altcoins. Since there aren’t many other options available to get your hands on Cryptocurrencies (unless you purchased it off someone who had Bitcoin to sell) this is probably the easiest way to get your hands on some coins.

Thinking of setting up a Coinbase Account? Follow our guide here.

 2. Binance

If you’re looking to explore/invest in coins beyond the Big 4 (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin). You’ll need to move into an exchange market that transacts in other coins referred to as altcoins.

They can only be transacted on different cryptocurrency exchanges. The current top exchange currently is Binance. It’s a secure exchange that millions use every day to transact in various altcoins. What makes it a good exchange is that Binance fees are cheaper than other exchange markets. If you’re looking to leverage on new potential coins, this is a good place to start. To know more about altcoins growth potential, read about John McAfee’s thoughts about altcoins.

Thinking of setting up a Binance Account? Follow our guide here.


3. Bittrex

Another large cryptocurrency exchange market which offers a wide range of altcoins with the transactions only via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to name a few. So to transact in Bittrex, you’ll need to transfer funds to your wallet in Bittrex first.

High volumes of coins get transacted in Bittrex ecosystem, however, the transaction fees are slightly higher than Binance. It’s a United States based exchange.


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