Verge Stands Alone: It Was Us Against The World


The community decides the fate of Verge

In the crypto market filled with up and coming coins, and ICOs with funds backed by corporations, Verge stands strong alone backed by nothing except the support of the community. Interestingly, even after taking FUD hit after FUD hit, it just doesn’t stay down.



Everytime Verge gets beaten down, it only seems to come back stronger. The community grows even bigger. Why? Because the community sees and believes in its potential. What other coin was like this? Oh right. Bitcoin.


Verge’s nature is closest to Satoshi’s true vision of Bitcoin

Coins, in its true nature for transactions, provide a digital trail (what it was used to purchase) for the coin. Hence, this gave individuals and companies “proof” that transactions were ever made (This is what corporations want to leverage upon; the blockchain).


“Meh. It’s the same as any other privacy coin.” I would love to agree but, no. Not even close. The likes of Monero and Zcash may have been around longer but with the release of Wraith Protocol, what this finally does is provide users with anonymity when needed. Verge has surpassed other privacy coins in terms of technology and looks set to catch up with them.


Verge Currency Wraith Protocol

That is the beauty of Verge

The ability to choose whether to transact privately or publicly when required. You can use Verge to pay bills and for food using the public feature (for proof of purchase). Or following what Bitcoin was created for: to be able to transact without being questioned about your purchases. You could buy yourself the full collection of My Little Pony that you have always wanted and no one would ever find out (some things just should be kept hush hush).


Currently, with governments stepping in and slowly moving towards adopting centralized blockchains (i.e. Ripple), this could possibly be one of the last true decentralized coins supported and built upon by the community.

Justin Vendetta and the team of developers who have worked on this project do not get paid to do what they’ve created and for that, we respect them for their work and do hope for the success of Verge. 

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