Here’s To The People! The Secret behind Verge’s Success.

Verge Success

The Community

Verge team has XVGNinja doing its marketing, but the hidden strength of Verge has always been the community that rallies behind it. The support from the people and regularly updating everyone in the community. No other coin has such an enthusiastic community.

The beauty of the community is that it’s thriving and just continues to grow. Probably the strongest and most active. For a coin not dictated by big corporations and connections, just who is supporting Verge into exchanges? That’s right. The community. Did we mention? We’re 250k strong today!

Will Verge Survive The Future? Challenge Accepted

In a fashionable David vs Goliath story, Verge sticks it to the big man. Where many think Wraith Protocol is a joke, we’ll see who gets the last laugh. Have big boy connections? Meh. We have the backing of the people. What use is a currency if it isn’t widely adopted by the masses?

Verge could be set to be the coin for anonymous trading peer-to-peer. Transactions will increase, and there are people actually using it! Rather than some coins used purely as a trading tool. Screw that.

Wraith Protocol Works. FUD Where Are You?

What many fail to realize is that Verge has a unique use and purpose. Wraith Protocol is REAL. We’re tired of all the FUD claiming how Wraith fails to stealth transactions, that it’s all a hoax. Please show us some actual proof of these claims.

Why do people even do that? Don’t they know that eventually after failing to prove the FUD it just generates more supporters for Verge? Well, bad publicity is still publicity. Thanks for promoting Verge!

So, What’s Up Verge?

After Wraith, what’s the team up to? Getting onboard with exchanges (currently 13 exchanges) and working with companies that are adopting cryptocurrencies to accept Verge. Governments are looking to welcome cryptocurrencies. By getting Verge accepted as a mode of payment, we are starting to move into the early stages of the adoption cycle.

The Future of Anonymity

Seems like governments are looking to ban anonymous wallets/individuals but not coins! So Verge, sign me up, please. We still want the option to trade anonymously!

Well, we can’t predict the future but how do you ever get rid of a coin that is constantly growing in the community? We’ll just continue to keep a lookout for Verge.

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